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Boss Cat Web Design London: Prem Singh Bhuller

I come from an Art and Design education background. 10 years ago , I moved from print design to websites. Creating beautiful websites, with flashing buttons, and fancy illustrations.

I learn’t the hard way, when I set up my company, that fancy buttons and cool graphics didn’t draw in the customers. Through the hard knocks of business I have learn’t that being wise in the world of Search Engine Optimisation, marketing and relevant design is what pays the bills.

I still have a love for the visual world.

However, Boss Cat Web Design London is now comprised of a team of Graphic Designers, SEO (first page of Google), Social Media and Printers. All of which are top of their game with regards to their niches. As a result, my clients reap the rewards, and give Boss Cat regular work.

I will personally, liaise with you throughout your journey to getting your business online. I always aim to create a long lasting relationship.

Praminder Singh Bhuller

About Us Boss Cat Web Design London

Bassbus.co.uk showing me around Southend, so that I can understand their nightlife business model..(cough)…honestly.

About Us Boss Cat Web Design London

Laserhirelondon.co.uk asked me to help set up their equipment for Halloween. To get a better understanding of how they work. They work hard by the way.